E-Governance & Public Service Automation

Swift plan to Automate MDAs and other relevant agencies of the government.

E-Governance & Public Service Automation

From the 20th century onwards, technology is now the enabling factor, more than anything else. In the 21st century, the development of application and utilization of information technology is taking place at a rapid pace throughout the world. Advances in ICTs have accelerated the growth of egovernment in both the developed and developing countries around the world.

IT has the potential to transform government structures and to improve the quality of government services. ICT makes a provision of fast, inexpensive services to the population. Throughout the world, governments have tended to see the web-site and portal primarily as a medium for the dissemination of information and the delivery of public services to the citizens.


The Government-to-citizen refers to the government services that are accessed by the familiar people. And Most of the government services fall under G2C. Likewise, the primary goal of Government-to-citizen is to provide facilities to the citizen. It helps the ordinary people to reduce the time and cost to conduct a transaction. A citizen can have access to the services anytime from anywhere.

Furthermore, Many services like license renewals, and paying tax are essential in G2C. Likewise, spending the administrative fee online is also possible due to G2C. The facility of Government-to-Citizen enables the ordinary citizen to overcome time limitation. It also focuses on geographic land barriers.

Government-to-business (G2B)

The Government to business is the exchange of services between Government and Business organizations. It is efficient for both government and business organizations. G2B provides access to relevant forms needed to comply. The G2B also consists of many services exchanged between business sectors and government.

Similarly, the Government to business provides Timely business information. And A business organization can have easy and convenient online access to government agencies. G2B plays a crucial role in business development. It enhances the efficiency and quality of communication and transparency of government projects.

Government-to-Government (G2G)

The Government-to-Government refers to the interaction between different government department, organizations, and agencies. This increases the efficiency of government processes. In G2G, government agencies can share the same database using online communication. The government departments can work together. This service can increase international diplomacy and relations.

In conclusion, G2G services can be at the local level or the international level. It can communicate with global government and local government as well. Likewise, it provides safe and secure inter-relationship between domestic or foreign government. G2G constructs a universal database for all member states to enhance service.

Government-to-Employee (G2E)

The Government-to-Employee is the internal part of G2G sector. Furthermore, G2E aims to bring employees together and improvise knowledge sharing.

Similarly, G2E provides online facilities to the employees. Likewise, applying for leave, reviewing salary payment record. And checking the balance of holiday. The G2E sector provides human resource training and development. So, G2E is also the relationship between employees, government institutions, and their management.